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FyreTV BoXXX Adult Media Streamer Review
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by Rob Williams on February 4, 2011 in Audio & Media

For those who want to be able to rent and watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters without leaving their couch, there are options. For those who want to do the same with adult content, there’s few. We’re taking a look at the FyreTV BoXXX, a set-top device that sets out to be the best video-on-demand service in existence.

Performance; Final Thoughts

After testing, the FyreTV BoXXX left me far more impressed than I expected to be. As a whole, the device from both a hardware and software standpoint is rather brilliant, and in some cases, other companies who develop standard set-top media players should take note.

That’s not to say that the BoXXX is without fault, but it seeks out to do one thing, and it does that one thing extremely well. Even across a wireless connection, movies and box art loaded fast, and impressively, fast-forwarding and rewinding were hardly an issue. On some streaming movie services, that’s a sketchy task, but here, it was reliable.

For a device like this to succeed, it needs to have the content to back it up… and I think this one does. Since its inception, the BoXXX has grown to a collection of over 20,000 movies, and for those wanting specifics, that amounts to over 120,000 individual scenes. That includes content from about 40 or so major publishers, and a countless number of smaller ones.

There are a couple of notable publishers missing, such as Digital Playground, but those could well be added in the future. I’ve been told by FyreTV that it actively seeks out new publishers to join its service, and so if a publisher you keep your eye on isn’t currently on FyreTV, it might be at some point in the future.

Even if a publisher is available on the service, though, it doesn’t mean that their entire catalogue of films will be available; just select ones. In particular, there were series I found where the first couple of releases were absent, but later releases could be found. I’m a bit unsure as to the reason behind this, since a lot of them were older titles, but it might be that these collections, or “packages”, do expand over time.

FyreTV BoXXX Adult Media Streamer

Overall, I think the BoXXX is a rather attractive product, but during testing, I did have some ideas come to mind that I think would be good to see implemented in future firmware updates or the HD version (which is due in a couple of months).

At its heart, the BoXXX is a media player, streaming or not, and since it already has USB ports built-in, it would be great to access your own content via external hard drive. It doesn’t have to be adult material, but anything, easily accessible from all one device. On the same token, it’d be nice to be able to purchase a film and copy it over to an external drive, so that you can view it anywhere. Even if playback required logging into your FyreTV account, that’d be a major step up.

One thing I was a bit surprised by was the fact that there was no photo content available at all; just video. Many adult content providers tend to focus on both, so I half-expected to see image galleries available, and given that there are many providers out there that focus on photography more than anything else, it seems like it’d be a great feature to implement.

Even though I’d recommend the BoXXX to anyone looking for this kind of solution, I’d have to say “hold off” for a couple of months until the BoXXX HD model gets released. That’s going to be nearly-identical to this model we reviewed here in terms of UI and features, but it’ll enable HD content, and for a lot of people, that’s important. Plus, purchased content will look better on HDTV’s, where in some cases, the current 480p content doesn’t. We’ll be sure to take a look at the HD version of the BoXXX once it becomes available.


  • Easy-to-use and setup.
  • Enormous collection from a ton of publishers.
  • UI is simple, and fast.
  • Performance is great; streaming is reliable and fast.
  • Responsive remote; though its buttons are far too tough to push.
  • Priced about right, at $90.
  • Overall a major improvement over typical VOD solutions.

  • Inability to play your own content (a la other media players).
  • Purchasing movies outright is still a tad expensive (though much less than a real disc).
  • Inability to purchase content and take it with you.
  • SD content (HD BoXXX and content is due in a couple of months).

FyreTV BoXXX Adult Media Streamer

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