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NVIDIA to Enable SLI on Select X58-based Motherboards

by Rob Williams on August 28, 2008 in NVIDIA-Based GPU, NVISION

NVIDIA’s SLI won’t be available on X58? Think again! The company has just announced ‘native’ support on select X58-based motherboards, all without the use of their own chipset. Dual-GPU configurations will be enabled without a bridge, while the higher-end offerings, including a potential Quad-GPU, will.


NVISION 08: Modded PCs

by Rob Williams on August 27, 2008 in NVISION

Where there are gamers, there are sure to be modded PCs, and a quick trip around the LAN floor at NVISION sure delivered the goods. In this quick article, you’ll see some incredible mods from passionate enthusiasts. I’m willing to bet a house could be built quicker than some of these.


NVISION 08: Day 1

by Rob Williams on August 25, 2008 in NVISION

Day one at NVISION kicked off and kept us busy from first thing in the morning until the late into the evening. Though nothing new was announced, we did manage to check out a few interesting sights, such as Jen-Hsun’s keynote, exhibitor booths and more.


NVISION 08: Day 0

by Rob Williams on August 24, 2008 in NVISION

We’re in sunny San Jose where NVIDIA’s mega-event, NVISION 08, will soon be in full effect. The event is bringing gamers and developers from all over the world to create what NVIDIA hopes to be the first true visual computing convention. We stepped behind the scenes before the official opening to see how things are being set up.

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NVIDIA to Enable SLI on Select X58-based Motherboards Rob Williams August 28, 2008 NVIDIA-Based GPU, NVISION
NVISION 08: Modded PCs Rob Williams August 27, 2008 NVISION
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