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11-27-2005 06:04 PM
Greg King I am an engineering student and often round up or down, depending on the ease of the problem or situation.

Most everything I design doesn't work.


There were errors. It was a quick review and needed to be posted just as quickly. I notice now what all is wrong and will do all that I can to see that it does not happen again. I do appreciate your guy's feedback and take it all quite seriously.
11-26-2005 06:50 PM
Bobbythecat psss...check for typos and use the appropriate editorial devices in order to correct sloppy grammar, style, spelling, etc, in the original quote! If you don't want to go through the trouble, add [sic], which designates that the error (not to be used for bad style of course) was in the original. Regardless of whether the quote seemed mechanical, it was hillarious for me to see so many errors, followed by the line, "I certainly couldn’t have said it any better." I initially tought the line was being sarcastic, but then after reading through the thread, I realized that you were being serious. I suppose you know, but seeing its absence, this is just a reminder!
Of course, I'm a law student, and precision is important. Precision requres at least correct spelling and grammar. For example, whether there is a comma here or somewhere else in a particular law makes a huge difference in how it applies, and is a matter of winning or losing a case!
11-24-2005 08:17 AM
Greg King
Originally Posted by Buck-O
As for the quote, i realize what you where shooting for by quoting it. However, it sounded like it came from a machine trasnlater, or from someone who has wnglish as a seconed language. Dunno why that is...thats just the way i read it.


I will never turn down constructive criticism. Thank you.
11-24-2005 03:36 AM
Buck-O Well, i tried to not be blunt, as much as to be a little more descriptive of some slight limitations of the fan, that some may find a bit frustrating if they arent expecting it from the start. I really didnt mean it to be blunt.

As for the quote, i realize what you where shooting for by quoting it. However, it sounded like it came from a machine trasnlater, or from someone who has wnglish as a seconed language. Dunno why that is...thats just the way i read it.

At any rate im glad you where able to take somthing away from it.
11-24-2005 02:54 AM
Greg King The quote was from a previous review that one of our guys had done. I quoted him because he summed up what I wanted to say. With out a decibel meter, I am unable to record the exact amount of noise coming off of each fan. That is why I quoted him.

Yes there are a few instances where the FN82 will not fit but for the most part, it is easy to find a place for it. I will use it primarily for a window fan. The 92mm blades will move far more air than any 80mm that I could put on it. I will include msrp from now on.

I appreciate your critique, no matter how blunt it might have been. I will certainly learn from it.
11-23-2005 09:37 PM
Buck-O Good review overall.

But, reading this mechanicly translated sounding paragraph...

“About fans: they have blades and the spin to shove air from here to there. This is a necessarily produces sound; specifically the sound of air moving. This is a benign sound to most people, meaning not noise. But fans have bearings and such that produce mechanical sounds in addition to the air movement, and most people consider that to be noise. A “quiet can is not one that produces no sound, but one that produces little noise.”
Followed by the phrase...

I certainly couldn’t have said it any better
Nearly made me spit my diet vanilla coke over my desk.

I will say that there are certain instances where the FN82 will not fit. As its overwidth is greater then an 80mm fan. And when you have a limited width on a chassis, it simply wont fit. One area where the FN82 excells IMHO is in CPU cooling. Placing in on an HSF that accepts an 80mm fan gives a noticable improvment in performance, and offers some "over cooling" onto surrounding MB components.

Also in SOME instances, where the opening is deisnged for 80mm fan blade placement, the FN82 loses some efficiency, as well as creates some whistling fan blade noise. Becuase the end of the fan blades are beyond the opening of the fan inlet hole, they are in an air void, and that causes some strange harmonic distortions at the tip of the fan blade. Which can be a loud buzzing, to a sharp whistle. And with the narrowed inlet hole, you simply wont move as much air. Also the fan seems to make a fair amount of noise in similar situations where its placed over a stamped fan grill in a typical chassis, where the fan tips are not allowed free air movement.

And it would be nice to see the MSRP of the products somewhere in the review.
11-23-2005 08:21 PM
Rob Williams
SilverStone FN81 and FN82

SilverStone has been known to release quiet fans that do a great cooling job. Today we are looking at two models, the FN81 and FN82. Both fans are very similar in size, but are slightly different in styling. Let's check them out, to see what one is better.

Feel free to discuss the review in this thread!

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