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12-07-2008 06:44 PM
Rob Williams Nice, grats on the purchase and enjoy the card!
12-05-2008 07:58 PM
As good as advertised!

Just to follow-up to my previous anonymous post. My new Xonar D2X showed up yesterday. It took all of five minutes to install, and when I booted Mythbuntu, there it was. About two minutes later, I had reconfigured MythTV to use it as the primary sound device, complete with S/PDIF pass-through for AC3 content, and BAMMM!!!! It just worked.

So if anyone was waiting for an unsolicited AMEN to your review, consider this it! And the sound quality, all I can say is WOW. This is perhaps the best sound card I've ever owned (and I did own the original SoundBlaster way back when, so I've seen a few over the years).
11-28-2008 05:27 PM
Rob Williams Linux support for the Xonar has been around for a little while, and I believe it was officially included in the 2.6.26 kernel, if memory serves. So, any distro that has a release with at least that kernel version should support the Xonar. Of course, nothing would ever stop someone from manually upgrading the kernel of their current distro to add support.

I've been using the Xonar under Linux since January and still love it. You don't get all the features as you would under Windows, but pure clean sound is all that really matters.
11-28-2008 03:16 PM
Native support in Mythbuntu 8.10

So I'm building my first MythTV system using parts I had around the house from an old Athlon X2 gaming rig. I popped for a good mobo (ASUS A8N32-SLI) when I built this system about 3 years ago, but the on-board sound was never very good. I had plugged in a SB Live which worked OK for the gaming setup, but for home theatre I required a good digital audio output (i.e., iec958 either optical/toslink or coax). My initial attempt was to use the limited on-board sound, and that has been a very frustrating experience, so I've finally decided to buy a separate card.

Given the dual 9800GT video cards and the HDTV tuner card installed, PCI slots are at a premium. This card looks like the perfect solution as I have an open PCIe 1X slot that is in the least congested spot in my HTPC case. The only concern for me, and the reason why I stumbled across this article, was Linux support. I am happy to report that in my Mythbuntu 8.10 installation the snd-virtuoso driver is included out of the box!

I'm on my way over to Newegg right now to pick one up.

Thanks for the great info!

18# modinfo snd-virtuoso
filename:       /lib/modules/2.6.27-7-generic/kernel/sound/pci/oxygen/snd-virtuoso.ko
license:        GPL v2
description:    Asus AVx00 driver
author:         Clemens Ladisch 
srcversion:     4538CBB90D041DBFD3FFDEE
alias:          pci:v000013F6d00008788sv00001043sd0000834Fbc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v000013F6d00008788sv00001043sd000082B7bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v000013F6d00008788sv00001043sd00008275bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v000013F6d00008788sv00001043sd00008269bc*sc*i*
depends:        snd-oxygen-lib,snd
vermagic:       2.6.27-7-generic SMP mod_unload modversions 
parm:           index:card index (array of int)
parm:           id:ID string (array of charp)
parm:           enable:enable card (array of bool)
11-01-2008 08:26 AM
Kougar Well... it makes a perverse sense. If yer going to spend a few grand on audio equipment for your car, you might as well include a computer or two with good sound cards to make it sound its best.

Never heard of anyone doing this before, but suddenly I have to wonder why not... it makes sense.
10-29-2008 10:30 PM
Rory Buszka Wow, um..."Unregistered". I really hope we can see some photos of your system, and your implementation of the hardware, since it's definitely outside the norm, and I'd say it even stretches the 'lunatic fringe' category somewhat.
10-29-2008 09:02 PM
Rob Williams Wow, am I alone in saying that we want to see pics? That sounds like a sweet setup!
10-29-2008 08:55 PM
Unregistered I have two of these in my car...
I'm running AudioMulch for active crossover network, delay, EQ control, ect...
They output into a pair of TRU T4.65 amps and into 2 pairs of Pioneer Premiere PRS two-ways...(that's 8 channels). Another pair for sub-out (single 10" Aurasound) and another pair of outputs to a pair of dash mounted VU meters....

The quality of sound and tuning options are outrageous! Easily the best sounding car setup I've owned!
07-20-2008 08:12 PM
Unregistered Rory
Great review. Answered a lot of questions. And THANK YOU for all the details, it was NOT too long of an article. I will get one soon.
04-28-2008 07:14 AM
ASUS XONAR D2 connect with front panel speaker jacks?

i just bought my new sexy asus xonar d2 on PCI.. and was sadly dissapointed to find out that it didnt have any spot to put my standard atx case front panel headphone and microphone jack in it.. because on my onboard sound i had my 2.1 speakers in the back and my headphones in the front.. it was really convenient because my 2.1 had external volume control...

i was hoping to get better quality sound with this new sound.. but the daunting task of changing the back plug from headphones to 2.1 everytime someelse wants to hear.

please if you know any way to get both working @ the same time i would really appreciate it.. ANYTHING!!
01-08-2008 04:49 AM
Great Review

Wow what a great review. This baby was available in my country (Indonesia) about 2 or 3 months ago or perhaps longer. Considering it's price I had to know the real ability of this baby, since I was planning to upgrade my Creative Audigy 2 ZS.

BTW is my speakers Altec Lansing MX5021 could match this baby? Thanks
01-02-2008 01:17 PM
Rob Williams According to ASUS, Newegg should have the D2X in stock within the next few days.
01-02-2008 01:21 AM
where? part 2

I found newegg will carry the dx2 but they are currently not in stock but I am now on the notify list...
01-01-2008 11:40 PM
Rob Williams
Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post

My beloved NCIX also has a US site. They are the Newegg of the North!!!
NCIX has the D2 only, while the Unregistered poster is looking for the D2X (PCI-e version). I've sent off an e-mail and will post here once I get a response.
01-01-2008 10:48 PM

My beloved NCIX also has a US site. They are the Newegg of the North!!!
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