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12-28-2005 12:57 PM
Greg King The sys-r/f are thermal probes for (f)ront and (r)ear of the case. You can place one on the front and compare the temps to the back of your case. The HDD connector was something that I didn't even worry about when hooking up the thing. It will tell you when the HDD is spinning but other than that, it serves no other purpose. I hope this helps you but if it hasn't let me know and I will try to explain it better.
12-28-2005 06:31 AM
sys-r, sys-f, I'm getting sysed-off

I bought this the other day and was about to shelve it for a long while because I did not know what some of the terms were in the small piece of paper that are called instructions.

Could someone clarify what sys-r and sys-f are? I'm guessing sys-f is the fan for the CPU, but what is sys-r?

I also am confused about the HDD wire. Is that an option for replacing the case HDD? Can I choose not to use it without something going wrong with the controller?

Thanks in advance for the help. Am glad I found this forum.
12-08-2005 04:42 PM
Me again

Heres my e-mail address [email protected]

E-mail if anyone can provide a step by step guide

12-08-2005 04:35 PM
Getting that fan controller for christmas

Right im really worried now, parents have ordered it. Not sure if its compatible with my Dell 5100 series. Only can find the Main front fan wire which goes into the Motherboard. The processor uses a heat sink, got a spare bay with a spare 4 pin power thing.

I dont want to blow my PC as its brand new, starting to sweat over the idea.

If someone has any step by step pictures and comments how to install this controller I would be over the moon!!!

In other words, very nervous, HELP!!!!
11-10-2005 08:22 PM
Greg King Comp, I will as soon as I get home from work.

Best of luck.
11-10-2005 06:37 PM
Comp doe doe
Digital Thermal Controller Installation

Hi everyone..

I recently purchased a Logisys Thermal Controller and have no idea how to hook it up. Could someone please post some detailing instructions or link. This would be soooooo appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
10-26-2005 06:14 PM
The Crow Hi, is me again! Just wanted to thank those who helped, I got my pc working, installed the new cpu fan and the 2nd fan controller, however this one works without problems, i kinda ruined the orange sticker on the CPU thermal probe and it became non-sticky, and the fan controller doesnt display any CPU temp now, just 0000's. I was wondering if anyone could help me find out how to get the temp to show? Id prefer to have the probe on the cpu itself, thanx
10-16-2005 05:08 PM
The Crow
Thermal Wires

Ok so you know the thermal wires with the orange stickers at the ends of them, i have three of them, one for the CPU, one labelled SYS-R and one SYS-F where do I put these? I can guess where the CPU wire goes and my question for that is, is it safe to put this wire on the actual CPU itself, not on the chip part but on the plastic bit surrounding the chip which is in the centre? And where do I place the other two thermal wires?
10-14-2005 10:41 AM
The Crow

Ok thanx a lot I really appreciate any help I can get! I received my Gigabyte GT 3D CPU Cooler this morning so once I get some Arctic Silver thermal paste I'll be ready to get fixing! The CPU has instructions, a little confusing but I think I'll sort that out, although it did come with thermal paste Id rather buy the Arctic Silver one because this one looks like cement!
10-12-2005 10:40 PM
Greg King I will email you tonight when I get home from work Crow. If you are up late or around when I am online, feel free to hit me up on AIM or Yahoo. I would be more htan happy to get you through your problems.
10-12-2005 09:28 PM
Rob Williams Hmm, I will ding Greg and see if he can help you out.
10-12-2005 08:51 AM
The Crow
Recieved 2nd Controller

Hi I'm back with my second controller! So after blowing-up my first one I decided not to install this one without getting direct info on the setup of it. I jus read another customer review for this on another site, the guy says after its hooked up, if you fan temp drops below the set temp the controller really slows the fans down, and if the fan temp rises even 0.1 above your max set temp, the alarm goes off for the 20 secs, it speeds up the fan, the temp drops, the fan slows, the temp rises, the alarm goes off again and that this keeps happening!! It honestly sounds like a nightmare!

I decided to buy my 2nd controller from a trusty web-site rather than ebay this time. At least this one comes fully sealed and with instructions, well only how to set the led, AGAIN!! Someone has to contact me and let me know the functionality of this thing! Coz if it's like last time, I'd hate for the damn alarm to go off everytime i turn on my PC because the CPU or what-not temp or fan speed isn't being displayed! I also just purchased a Gigabyte CPU Cooler, which should arrive tommorrow, but before I fix that I want to buy some Arctic Silver thermal compound on my CPU, so il fix them all up on the same day!

Soooooo, if this thread is still active, SOMEONE HELP: [email protected]
10-09-2005 07:04 PM
Oh Dear God!

Ok so Saturday Morning, my Digital fan controller arrives in the post and first thing, no instructions!! Thats just what you get for buying it from eBay! So I started installing it, and messed up the orange wires and stickers and made them all non-sticky (stupid dust) so they became useless, then I connected the CPU fan to the wire that said CPU, the chipset fan on the motherboard which is next to the CPU to the wire labelled SYS-F and a 120mm case fan that I have on the back to the wire labelled SYS-R

Now I turn on the PC...all seems fine...WAIT AN ALARM! CPU shows RPM but no TEMP as in 0.0 Temp?! Might I add all three fans were connected to the extra wires that came with it. So I try swapping wires round and well its now sunday evening, tired exausted and have a constant ringing from that damn alarm in the back of my head, like I said I try switching some wires, I connect the chipset fan to the SYS-R wire and the 120mm to the CPU and the CPU to the SYS-F (please note this was a last resort as I thought maybe the wires just were labelled wrong) so I turn on the PC...*BANG* OH BEEEEP!! Smoke RUN FOR IT!!!

I grabbed my mobile in a panic and rang my friend "I JUST BLEW UP MY PC!" after some checking the motherboard seemed fine, no capaciters blown, still smells like a bikers backside (LOL...burning rubber) turns out I blew the friggin Thermal controller!! So now Im awaiting a response to a refund from the ebay seller and have just purchased the same item from a hopefully trustworthy internet computer store.

If anyone has anything they can help me with because theres no way in heck im gonna install this thing without where and how each and every wire is meant to go. I hope this will appear on here...E-Mail me your very desperatly needed help at: [email protected]

Thank you in advance, I will be posting back when I recieve the 2nd Fan Controller!!
09-17-2005 02:52 PM
Rob Williams graffix, I didn't see your post, no idea why. Welcome to the forums
09-17-2005 02:22 PM
Greg King it only monitors the speed of the fans. Keep an eye on the site as there will be another review that you might be interested in if you are looking for afan controller.
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