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Rob Williams 12-15-2012 04:37 PM

Asheron's Call 2 screenshots
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With AC2 having come back from the dead, I couldn't resist the pull of hopping back in the "second" Dereth and share some screenshots of it:

Portal space (looks similar to Borderlands 2, doesn't it?):

Attachment 1540

People hanging around town playing music:

Attachment 1541

Graphics aren't too shabby for 2002:

Attachment 1542

Yes, the game actually allows you to zoom out this far:

Attachment 1543

Always thought it was pretty cool how in some places the water runs over the road:

Attachment 1544

One of the coolest looking "Vaults" in the game:

Attachment 1545

At the end of each vault is a Shard to use, which completes it and cues a lore cutscene:

Attachment 1546

Inside another Vault with friends that proved to be a ridiculous challenge:

Attachment 1547

Dat sky.

Attachment 1548

A whole world to explore:

Attachment 1549

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