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marfig 12-22-2012 05:43 PM

One Year Later: Logitech Performance Mouse MX
One year ago I published on the forums my personal review of the Logitech Performance Mouse MX, in two parts:

Logitech Performance Mouse MX, Part 1
Logitech Performance Mouse MX, Part 2

One year as passed and for those who know my feelings about input devices that's around 1/3 of the life I expect from a good input device. I get one mouse or keyboard to last me 3 years and I know I bought the best of the bunch.

So, what's the deal? How has the Performance MX been holding on?

I must say I'm still very happy with it. I can confirm that the Darkfield Laser Tracking technology is, as predicted, pretty much useless for a desktop mouse. I have yet to use it on a glass or perfectly smooth surface.

But here's where my predictions failed:

The quality of rubber employed on this mouse is of the most astounding quality. There's absolutely no tear or wear despite being my mouse for the past year (I use my computer between 10-14 hours daily. When I'm under work pressure that can easily climb to 20 hours for a full week). I've been in Africa for the past 6 months and temperatures here can reach 40C with humidity levels around 20%. It's become impossible for me to keep my hands dry and yet the rubber shows no signs of damage. It's top quality.

The plastic itself is also of great quality. You know when, due to prolonged use, the plastic starts to discolor? Well, not on the Performance MX it won't! I'm telling you, if I cleaned it just a bit and had a way to take a high quality photograph of the mouse right now, you'd think I just bought it. I'm not kidding. The only thing that would betray it is the fact the small Logitech logo paint disappeared from its surface.

Battery life has been also a pleasant surprise. After one year, the Ni-MH rechargeable AA battery (brand is Eni Time, the maker is Japanese GS Yuasa) offers still well over one full week of use. I do note however it's taking a bit longer to recharge than before.

The Logitech Performance MX still feels great in my hand and I can comfortable say (with the pun and all) that this has been the best mouse I've ever bought.

We'll see how it still goes this time next year. Until then.

Rob Williams 12-22-2012 05:59 PM

I'm glad to see the mouse has held up so well. It's nice when that happens, given it seems rare that peripherals can last more than a year without issue :S

I switch out peripherals so often, I'm not sure I could even give a one-year report. The last mouse to truly serve me well was Logitech's MX518. That thing lasted me years.

Kougar 12-24-2012 05:15 PM

Glad to hear it's holding up! My own Logitech G500 has held up rather well... but the Microsoft mouse I got my father didn't even make a year, the rubber ring came off the wheel and it's not usable. Which is a shame as the rest of the mouse was still good as new. A simple solid-piece rubber wheel would've held up just fine and cost a few extra pennies during manufacturing, but now I have to warranty it.

RainMotorsports 12-25-2012 06:01 AM

I had the Revolution MX and ditched it when I started FPS gaming again. I never realized it can not track a straight line on 90% of surfaces. I always knew it hated some surfaces. The Performance MX looked interesting as a replacement.

The G700 was the same shape and feel which is how I ended up going that way. Nice review and glad you stuck with it.

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