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Megapixel86 06-19-2007 03:14 PM

Considering GeForce 8600GT 256MB
my current specs

Pentium D 2.8
1gb ddr2 533
320 gb western digital
200 gb western digital
nvidia 7600 gs 512mb video card
vista home premium
and some other stuff...

I'm considering upgrading my computer and I need some advice. I know ram is a given, I'm ordering 2gbs now. I'd like to be able to play games in my monitor's native resolution, 1680x1050, or near that, but with my current card its a big no. I'm eyeballing the 8600gt as money is kinda tight right now. I just don't know if it'll be powerful enough to do what I want to do. I'd like to get an idea of how powerful this card is. Can somebody out there give me their results with this card? Any help is much appreciated!

ccdarkness 06-19-2007 03:22 PM

Greg King 06-19-2007 04:08 PM

We are working to get a 8600 in for review but as of now, we can't give you any info as we dont have a lick of first hand experience with it. With that said, might I suggest something like the 7900GS that Rob just reviewed? Thats a cheaper solution but a good one, sans DX10 support. At that resolution though, you can get a decently powered GPU to push 1680x1050 quite well.

Merlin 06-19-2007 05:20 PM

I have 8600 Gt in SLI Now


Merlin 06-19-2007 05:27 PM

Other post for 8600 GT

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