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Rob Williams 12-06-2005 08:16 PM

IceMat 2nd Edition Black Mousepad
If you are on the lookout for a new mousepad, look no further! We are taking a look at the 2nd edition of the popular IceMat, which is made of pure glass for an ultra smooth glide.

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Muddy 12-06-2005 09:46 PM

i own thi, same thing, its soooo awsome.

Greg King 12-06-2005 11:28 PM

I agree man. There is no way in hell that I would have ever paid over 20 dollars for a mouse pad...

Untill I used this. I dont know if I could knowingly buy a lesser mouse pad now. Call me crazy, and I know that anything would work fine for a mouse pad, but this is the new way to fly for me.

Buck-O 12-08-2005 02:18 AM

There really cool untill someone knocks it off the table at a LAN party and chips it. Then at the next LAN gets cracked in two in transit.

Yeah, its a nice mouse pad. But Glass + ofeish LAN bitches = D000000M!!!

Rob Williams 12-08-2005 10:50 AM

Yeah that's true as well... you'd have to baby it.

Unregistered 12-15-2005 04:47 AM

I have a question for owners,

I am in a dorm room with 2 other dudes who are usually sleeping while i'm up playing games. In FPS games u often have to pick up the mouse and put it back down to turn around quickly. This would happen less because the pad is so big and if you have a high dpi laser mouse, but my questions is this: does the glass make noise? When I think of sitting at a glass table to eat lunch or something I am always aware of how loud everything sounds against glass. It makes it better that this surface is against the desk, but how much noise does this surface make when gliding a mouse across it and when quckly picking up the mouse and tapping it back down on the surface?

ps. I have a copperhead mouse that has stock teflon feet, should i still use the included pads?

Thanks guys

Greg King 12-15-2005 05:04 PM

There isnt much noise at all. I also attacehed the Teflon pads that were included but you really dont need to if you dont want to. I am worried about the glass too but it really isn't a huge concern of mine.

When you pick up the mouse and set it back down, there is obviously going to be more noise than a fabric pad but on par with a desk. I know forever I just used my desk as a mouse pad. I wouldn't worry about it much at all.

Unregistered 12-16-2005 11:51 PM

Thanks for the reply.

I still want to get this mouse surface. My last concern was something that has been repeated across almost all reviews of this mouse. Even tho the reviews have been positive, they all mention a subtle mouse 'glide' even when the mouse is still. That means the cursor of the mouse keeps moving (slightly) even after you've stopped moving the mouse. Best case is that this is caused by the ultra slick surface and light pull of the mouse cord. So even when the mouse looks still it's maybe moving a little due to the cord, which is possible not to detect visually thanks to new mice uber high dpi resolution. Worse case is that this problem is due to the way a laser mouse works with the actual surface of the icemat. The problems i hear of glide all seem to be very erratic. Accounts of people editing things in photoshop and the mouse slowly glides over but if the mouse is shaken and sit still, it will stop. What is the real nature of this glide phanomenon. Is it noticeable and is there a 'fix'


Greg King 12-17-2005 11:47 PM

This, for me, is caused by the weight of the mouse cord itself. The cord is thinner than most mouse cords and not extremely rigid but does weigh enough to pull the mouse. The teflon pads don't help this any at all either. It really doesn't bother me at all.

That, in my opinion, is the cause of the "pull." Sorry I can't help you out more but thats the only thing that I have observed to have cause this. The insane dpi doesnt help either but regardless, it doesn't bother me. You will love this mouse pad.

Word. 12-19-2005 11:11 AM

Another way to make any mouse pad better for online FPS, sincei do play them all the time, would be to turn your Sensitivity Way up so you don't have to move your mouse every far to turn. It does take alot of time to get used to that tho.

Oh and if there sleeping and they wake up, Tell em there dreaming lol.

if anything id find my keyboard makes more noise then my mouse does.

Unregistered 07-23-2006 06:56 AM

I am interested in the icemat, but the white edition. I also have the Razer Copperhead. I have head that this mouse pad does not work well with the mouse. Please could somebody tell me if these rumors are true. Also are there any major drawbacks to the icemat? (scratches etc...)


Greg King 07-23-2006 10:17 AM

THe only drawback I have encountered is the size of it. Other than that, no. The teflon feet on the Copperhead gliade across the IceMat. You will not be dissapointed...assuming you have the room on your desk.

Let me know what you think about it!

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