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Rob Williams 03-06-2006 08:22 PM

Vizo Master Panel and Memory Heatsinks
We are taking a look at two different products in one article today. First up is Vizo's MasterPanel which allows you to hook up your hard drives outside of your case. Secondly, we are taking a look at their memory heatsinks which are soon to be available.

As always, feel free to discuss the review here!

Greg King 03-06-2006 08:27 PM

Oh good God!

What I wouldn't hvae done for something like that in the past. The fact that you can hook up and unhook IDE & SATA drives externally is awesome. I could use this when testing drives to see if they work and the like. Great review for a good product.

Jakal 03-06-2006 10:25 PM

I may just pick one of those panels up. I'm all the time transferring/reformatting/fixing data on our pc's at home. That looks like an excellent product which I would find very useful.

Just to make sure. You can plug the hard drives in while the pc is on. Right?

Greg King 03-06-2006 10:31 PM

I would say no on that one. Rob might know something that I do not but I assume there is a cable running from the mobo to the faceplate. Basically just an extension cord for the IDE and SATA drive. Perhaps the SATA drive but I would say no to the IDE.

Rob please correct me if I am wrong.

Rob Williams 03-06-2006 10:38 PM

If the MasterPanel is all installed, I can't see a problem of hooking up the HDD while the PC is on. The MasterPanel has an Off/On switch, so if it's powered off and you hook up the drive, there's no power flowing out to it. Once the drive is hooked up, you can push the power on the panel. I do this with my external HDD all the time.

Jakal 03-06-2006 10:44 PM

Sounds like what I'm looking for then. Excellent.

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