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Talking 20/48?

Ideally a soundcard test ought to plug the line out into a real stereo amp,some real speakers. The best "computer" speakers are no match for a mid-grade stereo. It seemed to say the analog in/out is just 20/48 rather than a 24/96 like the M-Audio. To me,that's major. A card like the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz can do 20/48. Why is this important? I don't play games BUT I have a lot of music on analog. I also have friends who are musicians. Ability to digitize or record at 24/96 or 24/192 is big to me,and while the Envy supports that-there seems to be cost cuts at the ADC and input circuits so the card is limited. I'd hope too to see a signal to noise ratio posted-curious that Chaintech had no SN specs...actually,few specs on site. My hunch is this is perhaps a cut above most Creative cards-in some areas,maybe much better,but is no rival to the semi-pro stuff like the M Audio cards. Nice at the price.
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