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I know I'm right. I'd hate taking your probably work for the government so you need it worse than I do

The fact of the matter is when you stack thin plates in a high density it creates wind resistance and you have to have a higher velocity fan to overcome that resistance. This is why the Black Ice Pro series of radiators is tuned for low to medium flow fans and the Extreme series is tuned for high flow to a push-pull high flow fan config. It uses the same principal. The Black Ice Pro rads are thinner with a lower fin pitch or density. There are fewer fins per inch. The Black Ice Extreme is thicker with a higher fin pitch so it's got a denser fin count and offers way more resistance.

Yes, I know this is about air coolers but here's where I can show you I'm correct and that Rory was also correct. If you go to and read this article maybe you'll understand that pushing air through a high density object with a relatively low pressure fan isn't quite the same as moving air with a turbine.

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