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hey guys, iv got a problem where iv managed to quieten down everything else in my case i bought a quiet power supply that claims noise levels of 20-27.5 DBA and zalman cooler which is awsome at 18-27 DBA, case fan 80mm the golf ball ones at 17.5 DBA, and iv noticed that when i pur my finger on my GFX fan, cpu fan and case fan briefly for a few seconds, the culprit of the noise level comes from the PSU area, im thinking its my PSU lool, but any ways what they claimed their noise level to be is rubish, its noisier than anything in my case, a more high pitch noise than normal, would this product be my solution or would u recomend a quiet case?because even though their 20-27.5 dBA rating could be right, it could be the fact that the noise is just high pitched, i dont mind low pitched humin noise, it makes me sleepy ... i got brillient internal cooling so im not worried about internal temps rising by 5c....i know my post sounds selfish and im rele not discusing the product and that i wnt help from any one here, but im desprit as iv spent so much on reducing noise levels and yet not much improvemnt, i h8 my PSU now, its called X-power i think, 500w, any advice much appreciated
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