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yeah thnx for the reply, but i also spent 45 pounds on the power supply, it was on sale. maybe thats the reason for being on sale, cos its rubish. but its farily new so it aint done no damage to my system. ok iv removed all case fans now and im only using the psu and cpu fans, cpu quiet but still noticable, i aim to make it as quiet as my brothers silent un audible del dimension 5000, them pcs are so quiet but crap, my pc fast as hell but noisy, im wafling on a bit now so sorry about that. now do u rekon getting a new case from sya cooler master would help, as my case is thin, cheap and flimsy, might be leaking noise or even producing its own from vibrations. and is the noise accoustic cover thingy still an option to consider for me, thnks for the replies i heard dismantling the psu and changing the fans can kill you even when its unpluged, yikes...btw heads up everyone, am3 platform soon to hit the shelves and a new cpu from athlon that is faster than any conroe cpu, cnt w8!
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