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Exclamation :|

5.05 MB
6.02 MB
3.15 MB
5.78 MB
6.02 MB

Those are the exact file sizes that I transfered from the USB drive to my pc with the 1.1 USB drive. Again, as stated before the transfer took 10 seconds, give or take a few. I even tested it again just for you.

Also, yes the titanium performed better than the Gizmo, as did the others on low end. Perhaps I did get ahead of myself in my review and stated it performed better than most. I'll rephrase that.

"Second I ran the benchmark on my second home PC with the 2.0 USB port. With this test the Gizmo performed slow to start, but picked up and came about even with most of the other USB devices around 256MB. Uploading and transferring the same documents to the Gizmo on this PC took absolutely no time at all, and was practically an instant transfer."

The Gizmo performed well in my eyes so I will stand behind my rating for it.
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