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Originally Posted by DarkSynergy
Then buy the Titanium. This is something that could have, and should have, been taken care of in a private message.

I fully understand the necessity of accurate information to you the reader, but there is a time and a place correct the reviewer and a public forum isnt that place.

Thank you for your attention to detail but please, use a PM next time. That way we can correct what might be wrong with out all of this.
I'm sorry but after reading the first post in this thread ...please feel free to comment here! why should I use PM? (also I wasn't registered) If all you are after is happy glowing comments then good luck to you. While I appreciate the effort that goes into doing reviews, the review is in the public domain so you should expect people to check its validity and this review does contain slight inaccuracies which I have pointed out, also in the public domain so people are aware. I'm sure people interested in buying a USB thumbdrive can look at the charts and make up their own mind about which one is best.

Details about why the results are not so accurate have been PM'ed but I'm sure readers might have been interested

I do own a Sandisk, but it is a cruzer mini which would be about the same speed as the gizmo. It's fast enough for me and all the above is just nitpicking and striving for an accurate review.
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