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Originally Posted by Rob Williams

...In future versions, I'd love to {have} the ability to add new programs that you want to be cloaked. Great stuff overall.

Your review was close, but you missed mentioning that there were a number of other nice new options. Your wish, as quoted above, now exists; there are now 2 types of anonymity, something easily overlooked if rushed at all. The first is as you explained, providing anonymity for what I saw sorely lacking when I first got the program, SIAPro 7, about 4 months ago (e.g., ssl and ftp sites returned your IP to its public availability!); when I asked support about the problem, I was told it wasn't possible to sure didn't take them long to find out how! The second type of anonymity is called Extended; when set to this type, your anonymity extends to programs you may use while not using the browser, but that use the internet on their own (mail clients, accounting programs accessing banks, money markets, brokers, etc.)! I think you'll like it after you see it!

You also have the ability to set how often, to some extent - hard coded choices, the host servers are optimized. As the author suggested for DSL, I set it to optimize every 10 minutes, the quickest time available between optimizations and it makes a difference. Big improvement over v7, which I found very lacking in this area, as it would start up with 100-160 servers and I would immediately start it optimizing. After churning through them all I would consitently end up with anywhere from 15-35 servers that passed!! I'm sure the servers used haven't changed, but I'd rather not see such dismal numbers.

You can now set up individual URL's that you wish to bypass the anonymizing process, which is another thing I was wanting - it's great!

If you have a good graphics card, but maybe would rather not use the 3-D globe, you can turn it off. It's nice to watch for a bit, but there are only a fixed number of positions for the crosshair to slide to and many times it looks like it's hurrying to catch up to the server misses the race sometimes.

You never said just what oddities you were experiencing...?? I recently was dragged into a poisoned DNS cache; it was!! Had the temperament of a hijacking mixed in with a phishing expedition. I had used the link inside the SIAP7 to go to their site and up popped a completely different site selling everything in the world...looking at the page links, every single one of them (and there were many) showed as the domain site! Some other things also occured that I told them about, providing an in-depth article explaining DNS cache poisoning.

I am having very good speed out of 2006 and would recommend it to any wanting really solid anonymity!

Thanks for your time! BTW, I give it a 9.
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