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Default Why do fancy fan controllers only control 4 fans?!

Maybe I'm not in touch with the majority of PC enthusiasts, but it seems to me that of the people who would pay $40 or more for a fancy-schmancy fan controller, most of those people would want to have multiple fans on a single channel.

But I must be wrong, because the only controller available capable of such a feat is the Sunbeam Rheobus, which costs a massive $15!

Surely, there must be some other more expensive and cool-looking fan controller out there that allows for such high wattage per channel! Let's do a short investigation:

Aerocool Gatewatch
- costs $50 and two bays - but only controls 4 fans.
Thermaltake XController - Same price as Sunbeam, but crappier.
Zalman MFC1 - $30, weak, but at least the wattage/channel is in the specs.
Scythe Kama-meter - As little as $25 to sample that burned-circuity smell.
Zalman MFC2 - No wattage/channel listed here - they must have run out of room describing all the OTHER features.
Even the Aqua Computer Aquero only allows 5W per channel on it's fan controller according to the user manual! Let me say that again in case you missed it: A german-engineered water cooling control/monitoring system only allows control for 1 fan per channel! (4 fans, stock.) If you want to control more than 4 fans, you need to purchase an add-on card. Do Germans not use dual or triple radiators?

Has any designer (other than the guys at Sunbeam) ever SEEN two fans blowing in the same direction? How out of touch am I?
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