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I doubt there will be much change from the D2 to the D2X, since current sound cards don't send enough data along the PCI bus to tax its capabilities. The real value of having a PCIe card is to have something to use your PCIe 1x slots for. My motherboard, the ABIT KN9 Ultra, has four PCIe 1x slots and two PCI slots. With no PCIe 1x devices available at the time to speak of, my full ATX motherboard was limited to the expandability of a MicroATX board. ASUS's decision to release a PCIe version of the Xonar sound card really just reflects a greater initiative by manufacturers to transition to the new technology.

Thanks for catching that mistake -- it should probably have read "EAX versions 3.0 and above." This article took way longer to write than it should have, and also ended up being way longer than it needed to be. I'll be taking steps to make sure that future reviews from me are shorter and more to-the-point. I don't want to spend entire three-day weekends writing review articles in the future.
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