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Red face Not Overwhelmed

Just received my CM 690 today. Bought it to replace a CM Centurion 531. Agree with reviewer that front and top feel cheap being plastic, especially since my CM 531 had an aluminum bezel front. But for a total cost of $50 after rebate not complaining too loudly. Surprisingly, case temp not much cooler than my CM 531 even with two SFF21E Scythe fans installed on top in addition to three fans that came with case. My first case with a bottom PSU. I find it harder to manage my cables with this case than with my CM 531, even with the CM 690s built-in cable holders. I was expecting more space between the MOBO holder and back side of case to route and hide my cables. Could barely close my rear case panel. Guess I need to rethink my cable management strategy not being used to a bottom PSU. Hard drive activity light is too faint, can barely see the red light, never mind it blinking. On/off button placement perfect for me. CM 531 held my optical drives and media card reader very firm, but with CM 690 they are too loose. Overall, it seems that this case is 3 steps forward and 2 steps backward. Will keep it for the looks, not for the performance.
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