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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
You bought the wrong case.

As for the amount of fans, my case has 4 counting the CPU fan. I overclock my CPU to 2.92Ghz. I have a nice hot 7800GTX. My PC IS silent and cool as a cucumber. As I said, POOR case airflow. Period. My case is a super generic from BTE computers. Silent, efficient and cool. It's not how much you pay for a case but how well it actually controls the air.
First off, you are correct. In general the TJ07 doesn't have very good air flow, (especially for GPUs) since there is no front intake. I will defend my choice of case by saying that I got it used (paid nowhere near retail for it), and I am using water to cool my main components.

Secondly, your argument doesn't make a whole lot of sense in terms of the thread topic, which is fan controllers that only control 4 fans. You basically argue that as long as you have a decently designed case, 4 fans is all you need to keep things cool and quiet - which is entirely true. But I would argue that if everyone had the sense to build a quiet system using only 4 fans in a well designed case, there wouldn't be a need for fan controllers because our systems would already be quiet.

I think that there are three groups of people who buy fan controllers:
-People who can't stand any noise at all
-People who have way too many fans in their system and want less noise
-People who want more bling on their front panel

It's obvious where my setup fits - my problem is that thus far I've only seen ~3 fan controllers that control over 4 fans, and only ONE that can control multiple 120mm fans on a single channel without any cause for worry, and it's at least 4 years old!

Originally Posted by Rob Williams View Post
Can you even hear yourself think? 8 fans is hard core. I do agree though, fan controllers (especially expensive ones) should have the capability to handle more than four fans. I could think of many instances where this would prove useful.
Thanks to my $12 Sunbeam Rheobus, the 9 120mm fans in my current setup are just barely audible. My HDDs make at least as much noise when idling - which is starting to get on my nerves.

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