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Default Added some more tests

Main Test Results

3DMark Score10499 3DMarks
SM 2.0 Score4962 Marks
SM 3.0 Score5127 Marks
CPU Score2154 Marks

Detailed Test Results

Graphics Tests
1 - Return to Proxycon40.905 FPS
2 - Firefly Forest41.801 FPS

CPU Tests
CPU1 - Red Valley0.679 FPS
CPU2 - Red Valley1.094 FPS

HDR Tests
1 - Canyon Flight (SM 3.0)49.708 FPS
2 - Deep Freeze (SM 3.0)52.828 FPS

Feature Tests
Fill Rate - Single Texturing5215.65 MTexels/s
Fill Rate - Multi Texturing26839.688 MTexels/s
Pixel Shader481.504 FPS
Vertex Shader - Simple268.833 MVertices/s
Vertex Shader - Complex159.165 MVertices/s
Shader Particles (SM 3.0)107.066 FPS
Perlin Noise (SM 3.0)155.91 FPS
Win7 64 bit
Intel i7 920 watercooled
Asus P6X580 Premium mobo,
GTX280 GPU watercooled
Synology NAS 207 Network Server with 2 Hitachi Terabite drives
LG NAS N2R1 with 2 ea 2 tb drives
LINKSYS PLK300 Powerline Network Kit

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