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Receive Power Level
-6.7 dBmV
That;s your download reading
it may be too close to the parameter.
If you have extra splitters in the same room ( like a TV and modem on same outlet )
It will drop the signal for the modem
hre's mine in good specs

Freq/Power:687.000 MHz

+3 dBmV

Signal to Noise Ratio: 34 dB

Freq/Power:31.000 MHz 43 dBmV
Channel Type:DOCSIS 1.x (TDMA)
Symbol Rate:2560 kSym/sec

You have a good modem, I have an Arris telephony modem, phone and internet
Win7 64 bit
Intel i7 920 watercooled
Asus P6X580 Premium mobo,
GTX280 GPU watercooled
Synology NAS 207 Network Server with 2 Hitachi Terabite drives
LG NAS N2R1 with 2 ea 2 tb drives
LINKSYS PLK300 Powerline Network Kit

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