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Default thanks for the heads-up

As above, thanks.
I only asked the question about the GMA900 because I have a P4 that's just going to end its warranty(that I want to modify, and I find quite amazing they can make a DX9-compatible part with very low power consumption and I just had to see how good Intel would do with it, ATI too expensive).
I actually have a PIII-1.2 rigged with a FX5600, but it performs badly(i.e. Soldner was slow with it, so was UFO:AfterMath, so was Spellforce).
I was wondering, do any modern GPU's scale with the processor you use, like PowerVR did?

.. and will there ever be a 945G for Socket478?
... EQS(UK/Britain/England) sells an ATI Xpress200IGP board for Socket478 if anyone's interested
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