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Default not a good review

Silverstone, one of the few companies who just cannot built a silent high power PSU, making a device to quieten down PSUs.

so much irony

the review:

1. lack of scientific measurements

2. too high rating, you can still hear it that's not a 9 at all

3. Scale of 1-10 is useless, since it's hard enough to fit in products in a scale from 1-5 so that there is a consistent picture

4. Lack of pointing out that it is worthless if you have a single 120mm fan PSU, like most high power PSUs and an increasing number of cheap PSUs. Yes, it was mentioned that it doesn't help much for an already quiet PC but it must be pointed out so that everyone gets it.

It's important to show no mercy when a product just doesn't cut it nowadays, as there are hardly any bad products anymore.
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