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Good review overall.

But, reading this mechanicly translated sounding paragraph...

“About fans: they have blades and the spin to shove air from here to there. This is a necessarily produces sound; specifically the sound of air moving. This is a benign sound to most people, meaning not noise. But fans have bearings and such that produce mechanical sounds in addition to the air movement, and most people consider that to be noise. A “quiet can is not one that produces no sound, but one that produces little noise.”
Followed by the phrase...

I certainly couldn’t have said it any better
Nearly made me spit my diet vanilla coke over my desk.

I will say that there are certain instances where the FN82 will not fit. As its overwidth is greater then an 80mm fan. And when you have a limited width on a chassis, it simply wont fit. One area where the FN82 excells IMHO is in CPU cooling. Placing in on an HSF that accepts an 80mm fan gives a noticable improvment in performance, and offers some "over cooling" onto surrounding MB components.

Also in SOME instances, where the opening is deisnged for 80mm fan blade placement, the FN82 loses some efficiency, as well as creates some whistling fan blade noise. Becuase the end of the fan blades are beyond the opening of the fan inlet hole, they are in an air void, and that causes some strange harmonic distortions at the tip of the fan blade. Which can be a loud buzzing, to a sharp whistle. And with the narrowed inlet hole, you simply wont move as much air. Also the fan seems to make a fair amount of noise in similar situations where its placed over a stamped fan grill in a typical chassis, where the fan tips are not allowed free air movement.

And it would be nice to see the MSRP of the products somewhere in the review.

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