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For personal sites, Frontpage might be a fine choice, but for something more serious, or in a business environment, it has no place. The problem is that FP, when I last used it, sticks way to close to how the other Office products handle things, when it shouldn't. Frontpage should be like Dreamweaver, as in an application that's built from the ground up to tackle a main task.

I think that statement is proven true simply by the fact that FP is now incorporated into Publisher, and I agree, that's needless. I've tested out Publisher in the past, and gave up fast.

I am not sure if FP is identical to how it used to be, but the prime reason a lot of people dislike it is because of the unbelievable source code it churns out. Even for something simple, the source code would be impossible to follow, making all FP files really only viewable in FP, which is NOT how things should be. An HTML file should be easy for anyone to take and edit, regardless of the editor used.
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