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psss...check for typos and use the appropriate editorial devices in order to correct sloppy grammar, style, spelling, etc, in the original quote! If you don't want to go through the trouble, add [sic], which designates that the error (not to be used for bad style of course) was in the original. Regardless of whether the quote seemed mechanical, it was hillarious for me to see so many errors, followed by the line, "I certainly couldn’t have said it any better." I initially tought the line was being sarcastic, but then after reading through the thread, I realized that you were being serious. I suppose you know, but seeing its absence, this is just a reminder!
Of course, I'm a law student, and precision is important. Precision requres at least correct spelling and grammar. For example, whether there is a comma here or somewhere else in a particular law makes a huge difference in how it applies, and is a matter of winning or losing a case!
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