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A minor erratum, or perhaps not so minor, depending on how important DTS functionality is to you. Our ASUS rep sent us a note earlier today saying that the Xonar DX doesn't support any of the DTS DSP functionality of the D2 or D2X.

So, unfortunately, I've got a little egg on my face, but there it DTS Interactive digital encoding or DTS Neo:PC on the Xonar DX. If you want that functionality, for now you'll have to spring the cash for the D2 or D2X. Likely, the difference has to do with the cost of licensing DTS technologies, so ASUS decided to leave DTS Interactive and Neo:PC out of the mix.

If experience confirms one thing over and over in this business, it's that you can't take anything for granted as a hardware journalist. Sorry for any confusion, consternation, or mis-informed purchases that may have resulted from this mistake. FWIW, I've corrected the article itself, so hopefully the dirty emails will be few.
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