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When will fan companies get the clue that they need to put reostats on the fans themselves.
Ive got a couple of fans from generic manucaftures that have a small control lead coming out of the motor, with a screwdriver controled reostat to adjust the speed with. Its not THAT much more expensive to add (i think i paid $2 more over a generic 80mm for them) and it should be standard on any performance fan.

Plus it would be nice to see a rear mounted fan control knob on a slot plate (like most other performance fan manufactures like thermaltake or zalman), instead of a front mounted one...especially in a 3.5 slot. Seriously, ive only got one external 3.5 in my current case, and it has a much needed floppy/card reader combo drive in it. I simply dont have room for it, and i shouldent be penalized by reduced functionality becuase i only have one 3.5 external bay.
The seconed issue that i would have with it that is running the cables to the front of the case. I have enough shit up front already. I dont need another cable getting it the way, especially a small annoying one.

And ironicly enough, my next case will probibly be a Silverstone mATX case. And that case doesnt even have an external 3.5 slot...oops. Way to market research your own products Silverstone.

I think a little bit more market research into the fan industry would have told silverstone to make a rear card plate, then a front mounted, silver, ugly MASSIVLY knobed, 3.5 slot controler.

Just doesnt make sense to me.

I personally havent used the fan. SO i cant comment on performance, or from personal experience. But these are some shortcomings i see with the general design, that really remove from the precieved value of the unit. And would be a big shortcoming for most people expecting to get a good near silent fan.

Oh, you got that db meter from RadioShack yet.
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