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I actually got these as a christmas present last year, right after they came out.

They lasted about 5 months.

The issue is, the cord is so frigging long, that it snags on EVERYTHING!
Plus having the weight od the volume control on the cord doesnt make the issue any better.

Eventually what happens over time is that the tugging ont he cord pulls the wiring away from the solder on the ear pad, which contains a multipoint soldering area. Unfortunately the tightest cable in the cluster is the grounds. WHich is a shared wire on the left and right headphone. That wire breaks, wham, no sound.

I called Logitech, and asked for a wiring schematic, and they wouldent send me one. Nor could ANYof their tech tell me what wire went where so i could resolder it myself. And none of them ever offered to RMA it for a new one.

Aparently they now have a new model, with a couple molded pegs in the internal plastic to wrap the cord around as a relief section to redice strain on the wiring. However, this design is GREATLY flawed. Because the pegs grab the sheathing, NOT the wiring. And becuase the sheithing is so large, one good tug with stretch it beyond its limits putting all the straing right back on the cames its supposed to protect.

Overall, i REALLY liked these headphones. Granted they sounded like ASS compaired to my Grado SR60's, or even my KOSS Prota-Pro's. But they did offer excelent spactial positioning, and a good amnount of mid range bump for gaming and vocals, which is exactly what you need in a VOIP or gaming environment.

As the review noted, they seem to have a bit of lack in teh bass department. However, i found that if the drivers where pushed in tword the ear tighter, this wasnt an issue. So i dont think its as much an issue of not having bass. As much as it is an issue with the open back deasign. If the drivers wherent sealed, and/or the ear piece was a true circumaural design, they would be one kick ass set of cans. Unfortunately, i still havent soldered mine back together yet.
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