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Originally Posted by Kougar View Post
Well, I finally got one. I wish I had done so sooner...

Every instrument sounds more full, individual notes that were lost into the background are now discernable. It may be kind of funny to say, but it sounds exactly like I went from listening to a recording to getting bumped to a front row seat for classical concerts. Anything with a piano just sounds closer, has actual depth to the sound, and overall just more real especially. I will say it is a bit disconcerting to hear individual notes rather than more of a ďblurĒ of notes.

Iím going to have to pay more attention to online CDs I buy, some of my 192kbps albums just donít give the improvements I can notice with higher bitrates now. Will be dusting off some CDs and re-ripping those too at some point.

Anyway, I've already run into a Vista problem. (Imagine that) Ever since installing the Xonar my WMP volume control does absolutely nothing. Every other program or device's inbuilt volume control works fine, but Windows Media Player 11's volume control does squat. I can turn it to 0 or 100 and it doesn't change the volume level at all... adjusting WMP's allowed volume via Vista's individual program volume controls also does nothing. I have to turn my speakers all the way down if using WMP, but for any other music player, games, etc everything is normal. Any suggestions or ideas?
Sounds like its a setting somewhere......
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