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Right, but look at the Logitech DiNovo Edge. It's got a nifty cradle that not only charges but also functions as a display stand for the keyboard. I don't particularly like the latter function; I would have preferred a USB (or seperately powered) charger, something small I can plug the keyboard into and still use it. You can use it in the display stand/charger, but it's upright and difficult to do.

Nevertheless, it's a great multimedia keyboard. It's got a similar feel to the illuminated keyboard, without the backlighting. It's still got lights, and it's an overall very attractive product. I've got to hand it to Logitech for making such pretty peripherals.

I've also got the MX Revolution in pair with the keyboard. Also a great, comfortable, and visually appealing bit to hold in your hand, but again, you can't use it in the cradle. Also, I would have preferred a single dongle for both peripherals, instead of two separate ones (Dinovo = Bluetooth, MX Revolution = 2.4ghz)

However, both charge very quickly, and my DiNovo Edge will go for more than 2 weeks of regular use without needing a recharge, which only takes about 2 hours anyhow. I also heard that Logitech's Dinovo Notebook keyboard goes for something like 300 hours on a single charge, because of a custom interface which uses less power to transmit more info or something like that. Curious.
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