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Thanks for the reply.

I still want to get this mouse surface. My last concern was something that has been repeated across almost all reviews of this mouse. Even tho the reviews have been positive, they all mention a subtle mouse 'glide' even when the mouse is still. That means the cursor of the mouse keeps moving (slightly) even after you've stopped moving the mouse. Best case is that this is caused by the ultra slick surface and light pull of the mouse cord. So even when the mouse looks still it's maybe moving a little due to the cord, which is possible not to detect visually thanks to new mice uber high dpi resolution. Worse case is that this problem is due to the way a laser mouse works with the actual surface of the icemat. The problems i hear of glide all seem to be very erratic. Accounts of people editing things in photoshop and the mouse slowly glides over but if the mouse is shaken and sit still, it will stop. What is the real nature of this glide phanomenon. Is it noticeable and is there a 'fix'

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