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Default Suits me nicely Mid-Range gaming case with lots of HDD space

Picked one up today for $135 AU (with viewing pane) with the Antec 900 going for $180 it was a tuff choice, but i'm not a hard core gamer looking to put two or three graphics cards in. What I was most interested in was enough room for all my hard drives and the sub AU $100 cases I looked at could only take 4 internal 3/5 inch bays and that's a tight fit. So without the need for a power gaming case this was really a good price for what I wanted. Also my current case is pretty cramped from the video card and TV-Tuner and this should help me space those out a bit more. If you're looking to do an SLI/Crossfire set up and a tv-card I'd say go for the Antec but this case is a good price point for the mid range gamer.
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