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Originally Posted by sinagod View Post
When I first got this Hiper keyboard I was excited. It was a step up from my other off the shelf keyboard. It had a nice feel to it along with the functionally I needed. It also has a small footprint which gives me more space on my desktop. I like the way the keys are positioned, in a logical manor. However, six months after I bought it, the keys started sticking. I took it apart and thoroughly cleaned it, re assembled it, but the keys are still sticking. The keys are plastic and sit inside a plastic housing, which makes them stick. I do not recommend this keyboard. There are other boards out their that are of better quality for the same or lower $. For example, the Enermax Aurora kb006-b, of which boasts 10,000,000 key stroke life; because of their scissor design, two USB 2.0 ports on the side and extra function keys that use the native os drivers. Look around before you buy the Hiper board.
Just my 2 cents
Try a light mist of silicon lubricant used for refrigerator door seals.
It won't react with plastic, then remove excess
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