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Originally Posted by Kougar View Post
But I'm sure they make a huge profit off of every new PS2 sold... this is Sony we're talking about, they wouldn't give up that revenue stream.
You're right... and it sucks for the end-consumer (as usual). Oh well.

Originally Posted by Rebeca View Post
We still have the PS2, so we wouldn't mind buying the PS3 Slim, especially with its new price tag. Does installing linux on the PS3 make it any better? (I like linux, but I've never installed it in any of our video game consoles.)
Well, Linux cannot be installed on the Slim... just the older versions of the console. To be honest though, there isn't much use, due to the lack of applications that are optimized to run on the Cell processor. It's fun for experimentation, but aside from getting a few game emulators running, there wasn't much to do I found. Because of the differences of architectures between Cell and what we use for our PC, performance in general for most things was slow, so it really is for specific audiences only, as far as I'm concerned.
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