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Im guessing that Intel spent a crap ton of money to get 3dM06 optimized for their CPU, to use it as heavy marketing to attempt to pull themselves up from the hammer fisted beating from AMD this year.

Strange, the Intel get better 3dMarks...yet any game ou there on teh market runs faster on AMD hardware. Hmmmm....i wonder why that is?

3dMark is preaty to look at and all. But seriously, its nothing more then a marketed tech-demo showing off new design techniques for companies to get extra exposure from to help boot a new title coming out from them (think 3dm01 and the Max Payne esque demo). And its becoming more then obvious over the last three editions, that its nothing more then a paid advertisment for hardware companies to get their name outthere to the highest bidder.

As far as i can tell the only people walking away a winner here, is the guys at MadOnion, or whatever the hell their company name is this year.

Sorry for the rant. But i really hate 3dmark.
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