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Thanks. The outside panels are actually Lexan. They are reverse painted, hence that 40 clear coat sheen. The webs are a tedious process. I cut them out of posterboard with an exacto knife (sore index finger) and used rubber cement to stick them to the Lexan. Then I shot a coat of flat black. Then I removed the stencil and shot the candy red. The red is almost translucent so after it dried I shot the panel with white which made the red pop. The 120mm spider grille on top I made form Lexan. The 80mms I bought. The front grille has the hdd activity LED in the belly of the spider. I was actually surprised at the shininess of the case. The side window is an hourglass shape to mimic the red shape on a Black Widow. The pic with the lights off doesn't do it justice. I appreciate the interest and as soon as I get a slowdown at work I'll dig up some pics of other mods.
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