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Can't just switch architectures like that, since they'll need to completely redesign the chip again, plus there would be changes in power, voltage, frequency, etc, which changes the reference design, and so on. Also, TSMC's 32 and 28 processes are by no means flawless either, i don't even think their 28nm is commercially used. Switching manufacturers will cause other problems as well, since they may use a different process method, it may still be 40 or 32nm, but it might be done differently, so there would be different procedures to follow. Then of course there's the legal side of things, you can't just pull out of a 2 or 3 year production deal, even if the manufacturer hasn't fulfilled it's obligations, and could take years to settle.

As for AMD and GF, i don't know the details, it's all rather vague and non specific. All i know is that AMD and ATIC are involved, but there is no mention of % of company owned, but i believe that ATIC has the majority share. ATIC may buy more and more of GF from AMD over the years, since they are unlikely to buy it all in one go.

But regardless, Nvidia has stated a March 26 launch date, so we'll see how it goes down then.

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