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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
old, I know, but I just got me one of this for my computer...

probably the one I got is a revisited version or something (or the editor has weird hands) as I didn't have any problem to handle the side panel; 5 minutes to take out a panel?! was it soldered?
then, the front panel... what kind of strength did the editor use? mine was sturdy enough, easy to remove, easy to place back in... how can anyone break it? force it to open the way it is NOT designed to, I suppose

again, given that it's been a few YEARS since they wrote the review, mine could be a revision of the same piece
I am really having a hard time understanding the reason for your post. Our editor had issues that he pointed out, if you didn't, then great. It could be a revision, I'm not sure. Apparently the issue doesn't exist on all of the 690's that exist.
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