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Default Crucial RealSSD 300 Instructions... Don't use it.

Just... don't use it for now.

I had posted down below about other things, but among them was this Crucial RealSSD I am swapping for my P256 which I put in my bosses PC and shipped off yesterday.

So I have this SATA 3.0 compatible mobo and this SATA 3 SSD drive. Apparently they've determined that there is a new firmware that needs to be released before the drives can be safely used. Also, the reason according to Crucial for the last firmware being pulled is folks not following instructions, not a matter of motherboard compatibility (that was just so they didn't have to say, 'Firmware pulled, you are all idiots.').

The... whole idea is just silly to me. Here, put this $700 paperweight on top of your bass amplifier and... do nothing with it. Don't use it until we release a new firmware. Feels like Asheron's Call 1 patchday! =D
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