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Originally Posted by TheFocusElf View Post
Ahhh! Pertinent thread-piracy!
Sorry! I couldn't resist the urge to tear apart just SOME of that Wiki article... I've read it before several times and it's still too full of just plain wrong information.

Originally Posted by TheFocusElf View Post
I won't get into it here or elaborate on your lovely V2 review Kougar, but have you seen or heard the clamor concerning SATA-3 Drives and mobo/bios settings?
I have not? I do not have a SATA 3 motherboard and do not have a Crucial C300 drive to test. What's the problem with these settings you speak of? I assumed all it required was using a SATA 3 port and a plugging in a SATA 3 device to work?

Originally Posted by TheFocusElf View Post
Meanwhile I shipped the Sandforce Corsair off with my bosses rig. Grr.
Well, better than shipping him the C300, and risking that 1% chance the drive fails on him... he is your boss after all.
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