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OK, just saw this and it is my turn to drag it up from the dead. I don't believe we have the "right" to privacy or anonymity. We should have the expectation of privacy but no expectation of anonymity. I do not want my life on the WWW so I do not post it there. Even my Facebook account has the bare minimum of info and such and I really only use it to upload a few pictures to share with my family. I don't use it to blog and I cannot even remember the last time I posted there.

If people want privacy, DON'T POST PERSONAL INFO ONLINE!!! As for anonymity, there is no need for it unless you are planning to do something anti-social or illegal. I'm not afraid of Big Brother looking at my browser cache, although I say good luck in getting my permission to access it.

Some day, Internet neutrality and privacy will not exist. Anyone that believes otherwise is just kidding themselves.
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