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Originally Posted by Doomsday View Post
Haha, with you, I was a little worried you were going to faint

Originally Posted by stangflyer View Post
What I see on all the reviews but I would love to see somewhere is the diff between the 5970 at 5870 speeds. 850 core and say 1150 memory. The 5970 is downclocked heavily to meet power specs. I play metro and crysis at 850core and 1150 mem all day long in eyefinity at 5040x1050. All the 5970's can run at this speed all day long in a half decent case. Would be nice to see!
I have to admit, I am not quite sure exactly what kind of information you're looking for. Are you able to elaborate? In the case of the dual-GPU HD 5970, yes, it is downclocked, but to see how it compares to say, HD 5870 speeds, all you really need to do is look at the performance of 2 HD 5870s in CrossFireX mode. Unfortunately, we don't have that. We do have CrossFireX'd HD 6870s, but those aren't quite comparable due to architecture differences.

Which do you own, an HD 5870, or HD 5970? Either way, you must really Metro and Crysis to be playing them all day ;-)
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