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Originally Posted by marfig View Post
Fantastic technology and would benefit me greatly. I'm a software developer and file access is our bread and butter. Understandably, you didn't include the testing of Visual Studio, but I have no doubts whatsoever SSD caching would fit like a glove on these type of applications. And particularly people like me; whose budget is more agreeable with the $110 required here.
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To be honest, I am not too sure that having an SSD would speed up a coding environment much at all. There are a lot of little files accessed all the time, but it'd be rare when a bunch of them are accessed at the exact same time. In the event of compiling, speed benefits might be seen, but I think the gains would be negligible. The CPU would be the bottleneck there for obvious reasons, not the storage device.

The only way I could picture a compile process being sped up because of an SSD is if the project tends to be small in file size, but there are thousands of files that need to be processed. A Web browser would be a good example of this.
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