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Yeah. My problem here is the cost associated with SSDs. If you think I'm currently occupying 500Mb of my 1TB mechanical drive, any SSD solution is expensive at this point. Even assuming I could use a smaller SSD to keep up the operating system and some critical applications, while retaining a mechanical drive, I'd still be looking at a system that is needlessly more complicated to manage with two Programs folders and the problems that can bring to legacy applications. But disregarding that argument, I would still have to face the fact that only a portion of my application base would benefit from SSD performance. The rest -- whatever was installed on the mechanical drive -- would remain... slow.

RST however proposes to bring whatever is in a mechanical drive up to the next level. For a more modest price. One that could fit my wallet on a good day. Certainly not as optimal as a full SSD solution, but surely much better of what can be offered by modern fast mechanical drives. For $110, i'd be immediately sold if my system currently supported it.
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