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Originally Posted by marfig View Post
RST however proposes to bring whatever is in a mechanical drive up to the next level. For a more modest price. One that could fit my wallet on a good day. Certainly not as optimal as a full SSD solution, but surely much better of what can be offered by modern fast mechanical drives. For $110, i'd be immediately sold if my system currently supported it.
I couldn't agree more. In the case that someone is Z68-less, there is still the similar solution from Seagate available in the form of the Momentus XT, but unfortunately that only caches up to 4GB worth of data on NAND flash, which is rather paltry in comparison. And still, technically it shouldn't be quite as impressive as Intel's solution here, because Seagate wouldn't be able to offer the same level of NAND performance due to the tight space it'd be working with.

Just to throw it out there, not all SSDs are super-expensive. Take Kingston's 64GB for example:

It's $125 - not much more expensive than Intel's 20GB SLC - and supports TRIM and fast speeds (250MB/s read, 145Mb/s write). It's only 64GB, but at that price, it seems like a great way to jump in and go. And for what it's worth, if you don't store everything on the SSD, 64GB is totally manageable.

I'm running a 160GB SSD split into two sections, and at any given time I am using about 40% of the space for my Linux OS and about 75% for the Windows OS. I could scale down each even further than this though, so what I'm saying is, where there's a will, there's a way, and anything you have to sacrifice is going to become a non-issue due to the faster speeds you're enjoying.
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