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Originally Posted by Kougar View Post
I'd like to urge some caution when considering removing the pagefile from Windows. It may seem useless for systems with 6GB+ of RAM, but Windows uses it for some miscellaneous functions, one of which is sleep mode. If the pagefile is removed completely then users typically can't get sleep mode to function properly, in addition to the inability to store crash and error dump files from RAM.
I did a couple of quick tests on my desktop and notebook, and both with or without a pagefile, sleep worked just fine. However, without the pagefile on my desktop, FRAPS gave me some error when I came back, which I assume is because certain bits of information from the pagefile couldn't be grabbed.

Still, getting around that problem just means having a page file, but having it scale from 16-4096 MBs as I mentioned in the article. That way sleep mode should still work no problem, and you won't lose any GBs (it could be that the required information only takes 16MB anyway, which is why that's the minimum).

Originally Posted by Kougar View Post
For users with 12GB of RAM I don't see a problem with dropping the pagefile size to say, 4GB, but I'd still recommend leaving the file there. I don't believe moving it to a hard drive would affect using sleep mode, but I actually never used sleep mode to say for sure.
In the case of 8GB of RAM or more, I'd quicker recommend moving the pagefile to an alternate drive. Chances are it will never be touched, so you really don't want to be wasting even 4GB of your SSD on it.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Moved the pagefile to a mechanical drive and never use hibernation so disabled it - freed up 12G on my 60G Vertex 2.
Nice! Talk about a simple fix to regain 20% of your SSD space ;-)

Originally Posted by Optix View Post
I clued in that this is likely the reason for the low memory warnings when I play games. Duh!
As far as I recall, you're running 4GB of RAM, right? That's why I mentioned it'd be recommended to leave a pagefile in tact if that's the case. It can still be located elsewhere, but again, with such a low amount of RAM, that pagefile is bound to be accessed at some point.

Originally Posted by Optix View Post
As for the hibernate file, I don't have one showing. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that I set my system to never sleep in the power options? I haven't really done any reading on hibernation since my system is either on, on with the monitor off or off all together.
I have doubts with that to be honest, because sleep and hibernate don't operate the same way. Hibernate doesn't rely on the ACPI bus to go into some low-level power state, while Sleep does. That's the reason why when you Hibernate, you still see the POST and boot-loader, but with Sleep you don't.

Could you have disabled it back when you first got your SSD and were "optimizing" it?
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