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Although disabling the pagefile entirely on systems with an abundance of RAM may seem like a good idea initially, in practice (at least on Windows based systems) it's usually more problematic than is worth it. Due to Windows' architecture and software stack *expecting* a pagefile, certain operations will just fail or not work properly without any obvious error messages (a couple examples have already been mentioned here). The better solutions are not to remove it entirely, but to move it to another drive (a hard drive is fine, since it'll only see light use the slow speed is not a problem) or to set it to a scaling size with a low limit. The pagefile doesn't need to be *big*, it just needs to be *there*.

About the recommendation to disable hibernation, this is a great trick to recover some SSD space; not only are SSDs small and benefit well from the recovered space, they're so fast at bootup that normal startup/shutdown is nearly as fast as hibernate would've been anyways.
IMPORTANT NOTE THOUGH: Trying to run the powercfg command to disable hibernation on a stock Windows 7 install will give you a permission error - you need to run cmd as administrator and accept the UAC prompt (assuming you have it enabled) and then run "powercfg -h off".
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